DL Type Air Cooler Specification
Capacity W 2000
Area 10
Fan Motor Quantity n 1
Diameter mm Φ350
Power W 150
Air Flow ㎡/h 3110
Defrosting kw 2×0.5
Liquid mm Φ12
Gas mm Φ16
Drainage ZG1

The D series of air cooler is a kind of indoor cooling equipment matching with Freon condensing unit for all kinds of cold room, As per different temperature, has DL, DD, DJ 3 sub series of production for different range temperature needed. DL air cooler for around 0, mainly use for fresh-keep cold storage; DD for around -18, mainly use for cold storage; Dj for temperature below -25, specially use for blast freezer room.

This series products features:

Cabinet of steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion proof and pleasant looking.

Mechanically expanded pipes with AL fins with good transfer performance.

Inside are evenly arranged with defrosting heater.

The bottom has double water receivers, effective for anti-freezing.

Long distance air throw is optional.